General ophthalmology - Daniel V. - Taylor A. - Paul R.

General ophthalmology - Daniel V. - Taylor A. - Paul R.
15th Edition (LANGE)


The book is written for use by medical students, nurses, allied health personnel, physicians in other medical fields, optometrists, ophthalmology residents, and ophthalmologists in practice. By virtue of its format and frequent revisions, new editions are current and information is easy to locate. The line drawings are of good quality.

In contrast, the black-and-white clinical photographs are of lesser quality and may not be very useful to the reader. The references are current. As with the previous editions, this one has a soft cover, and the paper is nonglossy, which helps to make this an affordable, no-frills book. This new edition is a book for the reader who is seeking the essential information in all areas of clinical ophthalmology. This concise information can easily be found by turning to a relevant chapter or searching in the index. This book continues to be an excellent selection for its intended audiences. This is a complete reference text that concentrates on need to know material.

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